She Wears Necklace Boyfriend Made Every Day. 1 Yr Later, Discovers Secret Compartment He Hid From Her.

Anna knew the hand-carved necklace her boyfriend gave her on their one-year anniversary came from the heart. As a symbol of appreciation for his love and devotion, she wore it proudly during their travels.


Photographs documenting the next year and a half show the necklace — a segment of spiral shell encased in Huon Pine — dangling from Anna’s neck as she stands beside her favorite places and things from all their travels.


The necklace is featured prominently in everyday situations as well — as she’s seated in a chair working on a painting, cuddling a kitten and frolicking in the snow with her dogs, among others


But what Anna didn’t know was that the necklace held a secret, which Terry was just waiting for the right time and place to unveil.


The couple had always wanted to explore Smoo Cave, on the northern coast of Scotland, and it was there that Terry decided to reveal the necklace’s secret.


After taking some pictures of it sitting among the rocks, he quietly used a knife to break the seal that kept the two halves of the necklace together. Setting up his camera on a timer, he ran back into the shot, for a photograph of the two of them standing at the entrance of the cave.

“‘Oh, I’d better give you the necklace back,’”he told her, then broke the necklace open — revealing an engagement ring.

“Smoo”means “hiding place”in old Norse, so he couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate place to propose than Smoo Cave.


But there were some heart-stopping incidents between the time Terry gave her the necklace and when he proposed. There was the time when she almost traded it with a blacksmith at a market, and another “moment of panic”when the couple went through an airport security checkpoint.

“I hadn’t thought about the fact that she might be asked to put it through the X-ray, which could have very quickly turned into an airport security proposal!”he recalled.

Fortunately for the couple, the alarm bells remained silent and he was able to propose exactly where he wanted — in Scotland’s “hiding place.â€


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