Seaworthy Feline: Oli The Kitty Competes In Australia Yacht Race.

A grey cat laying on a towel in a boat.

Cats aren’t known for loving water, but this feline at least tolerates it enough to compete in a yacht race with his owner. Onlookers at the Rolex Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race were delighted to see the Sylph VI pull into the Constitution Dock with a four-legged crewmember on board! Oli the cat belongs to Bob Williams, who entered the race with his boat. Fans even created signs to welcome the seafaring kitty back to the land!

This yacht race was hardly Oli the cat’s first boating excursion. Bob and his four-legged buddy have been sailing around Australia for the past five years! According Arirang News, the pet owner called his cat “my friend and mate.” They set sail for the Rolex Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race on December 26, finally reaching the finish line on Wednesday. The Sylph VI was actually the oldest boat in the event.

A grey cat laying on a towel in a boat.
Screengrab from YouTube

Oli may have been a noteworthy participant in the yacht race, but he’s by no means the only cat whose happy place is at sea. Another kitty who can’t get enough of sailing with his family is Rocco the Maine coon. He even loves to swim!

We’ll be rooting for Oli the cat next time he and his owner sign up for a yacht race.

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