Students Work Together To Honor Their “Unsung Hero,” The School Custodian.

Every year, art students at Seamon High School in Topeka, Kansas select an unsung hero to honor with a work of art.

This year, class president Brad LeDuc and his fellow students didn’t have to think too long about who they wanted to honor. Their thoughts immediately turned to a man who works behind the scenes every single day to keep things running smoothly, school custodian Kendall Epperson.


Kendall himself graduated from Seaman back in 1981. He’s a respected veteran who never stopped living by the values he learned in his Army days. Students say he’s always humble and kind, and he keeps things running like clockwork around campus. Teachers say he’s always the first person in the building each day, always ready with a cheerful smile and greeting.

Once they’d made their selection for this year’s Unsung Hero recipient, the art students got to work. They started by taking a photograph of Kendall, then split the picture into several pieces and divided it up among the student artists. Each artist created their portion of the image, and in the end they put them all together to reveal a wall-sized portrait that any artist would be proud to have made.

On the day of the unveiling, students, faculty, and staff gathered to read their favorite things about Kendall. Then it was time for the big reveal!


The likeness is uncanny! The students really nailed their portrait of this hardworking man. Kendall seemed moved by all of the accolades, particularly the speech Brad read aloud after the unveiling.

“He is a man whose focus is not to steal the spotlight but to keep things running from behind the scenes, ensuring every detail is perfect,” Brad read.


“We all feel strongly that it’s about time that we recognize and appreciate Kendall as much as he appreciates all of us. He is a selfless man with a selfless job; one who¬† makes everybody feel special and appreciated. He teaches a strong lesson: appreciate life, even if it’s not perfect, find beauty in the little things, and be there for others.”

Kendall says he his “very honored” by the portrait and wanted to thank Brad and his class for their hard work!


That is truly an honor, and one that seems well deserved. Kendall represents all of the people who work behind the scenes to make things run smoothly. We’re so glad these students recognized and honored a veteran who found yet another way to serve his community.

Watch Kendall’s portrait unveiling ceremony below, and don’t forget to share.

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