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Minor League Mascot Recreates Epic “Dirty Dancing” Lift With Lawn Guy.

slugger mascot dance

During one minor league baseball performance, this mascot definitely had the time of his life.

It was 80s night at Hadlock Field in Portland, Maine, when fans of the Portland Sea Dogs were treated to a very funny performance by their favorite team mascot. Slugger was doing his usual thing during an inning of the game between the Sea Dogs and the Reading Fightin’ Phils, but then, he pulled out a very special routine that he’d clearly been working hard on behind the scenes.

slugger dance

Slugger, all decked out in his finest leg warmers, hot pink sweatband, and shaggy blonde hair is quite a dancer under all that fur! As the first strains of Irene Cara’s hit song “What a Feeling” filled the stadium, Slugger began doing the iconic final dance made famous by the 1983 movie “Flashdance.”

Remember this?


Sure you do! We all loved “Flashdance” back in the 80s! And as incredible as actress Jennifer Beals was in this scene, she’s got nothin’ on Slugger!


In spite of that bulky costume, Slugger manages to imitate the “Flashdance” routine perfectly, even doing that amazing spinning pirouette that separates the trained performers from the amateurs.


You can tell Slugger is starting to get the attention of the audience already, but when the music changes, the really funny part of his performance is about to leave everyone in stitches.

The instantly-recognizable first notes of Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes’ “Time of My Life” begin to play, and suddenly Slugger finds himself in need of a dance partner. Looking around, there’s only one option: the guy holding a rake.

Slugger Portland Seadogs mascot dance

“Who, me?” he seems to ask, and Slugger points to him to let him know that yep – he’s the one.


Anyone who lived through the 1980s remembers where they were the first time they watched Patrick Swayze lift Jennifer Grey high over his head in the triumphant final dance scene in “Dirty Dancing.”


Now, we can all say that we remember where we were when the maintenance man at the Sea Dogs game did likewise for Slugger. The music builds, and Slugger starts running…



Not only does the guy with the rake lift Slugger up like he weighs nothing at all, but he proceeds to spin him around and around over his head.


Color us impressed! Makes you wonder just how long they’ve been practicing this act. This just goes to show that it’s not just the athletes on the field who are worthy of our respect and admiration – the mascots are pretty amazing, too!

Watch Slugger’s hilarious and impressive 80s-themed dance below, and be sure to share to make someone else smile, too!

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