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Astros Mascot Has Hysterical Dance Off With Security Guard.

It’s generally a good idea to leave security guards alone and let them do their jobs. Especially when they’re looking after the safety of thousands of fans at a baseball game.

But Orbit, the lime-green space creature who serves as the mascot for the Houston Astros, has a different take on things. And it’s a good thing, too, because he gets a lot of laughs from the stands by messing with the security detail.

Like playing a ring-toss game on this guy’s head:


But that was nothing compared to what happened during a break between innings back in 2015. He took the opportunity to do some shaking and shimmying before turning to the security guard, taunting him with some hip thrusts and leg shakes to Michael Jackson’s “Slave To The Rhythm.”


And you know how security guards are, as stoic and unflappable as the Sentinels of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This guy just looks totally annoyed at the spectacle, shaking his head disapprovingly – and then actually shoving poor Orbit to the side!


Hold on. Is this guy actually getting aggressive with this furry mascot … or does this signal a dance-off?

A dance-off it is. And the crowd goes wild!


It’s a good thing they can’t see Astro’s face turning red, because this guy puts him to shame during the next thirty seconds, with a routine that includes a cartwheel, somersault and some backspin action, even jumping into splits:


Take that, you little space monster.


And then, just like that, it’s over. Like nothing ever happened.

Now, poor Astro has to know it’s all over the minute this guy starts dancing, and he has the grace to concede with a handshake before slinking back into the dugout.


We have no way of independently confirming this, but according to at least some Redditors, this guy is a professional dancer (duh) who regularly pops up at Tampa Bay Rays games, too (although he’s sometimes dressed as a groundskeeper before revealing his true motive for being on the field).


What a sweet gig! Catch this hilarious dance-off in the clip below.

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