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Guy Walks Outside With Metal Detector, Becomes Millionaire Overnight After Unprecedented Discovery.

They say that if you do your hobby for a living, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

That was certainly the case for Derek McLennan of western Scotland three years ago when he unearthed a national treasure of epic proportions. The hobbyist was out with his metal detector just north of Hadrian’s Wall when he discovered what is probably the most important archeological find in Scotland’s recent history.


During his excursion, Derek unearthed a literal treasure trove of expensive jewelry, a gold ring and an ornate, enameled cross dating back to the 10th century.


The Dumfries and Galloway region of southwestern Scotland likely hold many more treasures like these, under the peat and moss, just waiting for someone like Derek to come around!


Derek contacted Scotland’s National Museum with news of the find and they were delighted to hear he planned on handing over the artifacts for display… there was a small catch though.

By order of the Regulatory Artifacts Board, Scotland’s National Museum was ordered to pay Derek 1.98 million pounds for the right to display his discovery for the public!


Derek truly did find a treasure that day, that will be enjoyed by countless souls in the years to come. Get out there and find a treasure of your own! You never know how far a little effort will go.

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