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Scarecrows Steal The Spotlight All Over 1 English Town During Queen’s Jubilee.

a two-photo collage. the first is of a scarecrow with queen elizabeth's face sitting in a car with the door open. the second is of a scarecrow with queen elizabeth's face sitting on a lawn chair. she has a crown, sash, fake ice cream cone, and a pail and shovel.

Long live the… scarecrow queen?

To celebrate 70 years of their queen on the throne, England has been celebrating in all kinds of fun and wacky ways. We already talked about the Corgi Café Party, but if you thought that was the most unique way to celebrate Queen Elizabeth then you haven’t seen what the village of Wellington in Herefordshire has been up to!

1. Since 1972, Wellington Village has held an annual Fun Week.

2. Naturally, this year’s theme was the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

3. There were fireworks, picnics, quizzes, and… life-sized royalty in the form of scarecrows.

4. There are 104 of them, to be exact.

5. “The theme this year is kings, queens, princes, princesses or anything with a royal connection,” Phil Smith, the co-organizer said.

6. As you can see, people really went all out.

7. Anyone who made a scarecrow had the option of entering into a contest.

8. An independent judge that lives outside of Wellington was given the responsibility of choosing the winners.

9. “Some of them are really impressive,” Phil said. “Some people are so artistic and have such imaginative minds. Everyone seems to have grasped it really well.”

10. We’d have to agree!

11. Although the prizes include items like wine and chocolates, the prizes aren’t what the competition is really about.

12. “It’s the prestige, but it’s done in a light-hearted way – it’s banter more than anything,” Phil said.

13. Phil added, “Two years of lockdown hasn’t been good for anybody but we’re just taking the opportunity to give something back and everybody has responded brilliantly.”

14. Still, if you’re like us, you’re probably wondering who the winners were. Well, here’s second place!

15. Finally, first place belongs to… this masterpiece!

Sure, celebrating the Queen’s 70th year on the throne with creative, if slightly creepy, scarecrows is an odd choice, but we absolutely love it! Plus, we can only imagine that Queen Elizabeth very much approves.

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