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Weatherman Can’t Stop Laughing On Live TV — And Neither Can We!

weatherman zach mcintyre giving out the forecast while trying not to laugh

We’ve all had those moments where something funny happens and we just can’t stop laughing, no matter how hard we try. It seems especially hard to stop in situations where you are not supposed to laugh – for example, on live TV.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to former weatherman Zach McIntyre right as he was about to start presenting the forecast. And the good thing (for us, anyway) about getting a laugh attack on live TV is that it is all caught on camera.

screenshot of the equipment Zach tripped over

At first, Zach is sitting at the anchor desk having a “normal” TV conversation with news anchor Aaron Groff. But as soon as he starts walking toward the green screen to give out the local forecast, he trips on one of the camera poles. Although this can’t actually be seen on camera, the weatherman did a great job of adding a picture of the guilty camera pole to the video of this funny moment.

As soon as the weatherman starts talking about the forecast, he can’t help but start laughing at his little unfortunate moment. You can even see his face slowly turning red as he tries hard not to laugh in front of thousands of viewers from the Monterey Bay area.

“I didn’t feel embarrassed,” Zach told InspireMore. “I actually love when things like these happen. I live for those moments. Laughter makes you so present.”

In his YouTube video, Zach also made sure to include some evidence of the news anchor’s laughter and the people from behind the scenes. It was laughter all around!

Zach laughing in front of the weather report

At the end of the forecast, the news anchor thought it would be appropriate to address what had happened, so the weatherman shared how a camera pole was behind it all.

“I didn’t wipe out so that’s good news,” Zach said. “Laughter got me.”

After watching this video, laughter got us too, Zach!

Try not to laugh when you watch the weatherman’s laugh attack below, and don’t forget to share.

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