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Baton Twirler’s “Amazing Grace” Routine Has Crowd Going Wild Just 20 Seconds In.

savannah miller

The 34th World Baton Championships was held in Kissimmee, Florida, last month, drawing more than 200 twirlers from more than a dozen countries.

Among those competitors was 21-year-old Savannah Miller, the featured twirler at the University of Arkansas who’s won numerous medals and awards in her 18 years of twirling. And yes, you read that right. This athlete’s been perfecting her art form since she was three years old, an age when the rest of us were still fumbling our crayons and eating utensils.

savannah miller little girl

But some people are just lucky enough to find their passions early, and fortunately for everyone who’s seen Savannah perform, the young woman has stuck with it! With so much talent and passion at such a young age, it wasn’t long before she was winning awards.

savannah miller award

And that was all the encouragement she needed to keep at it, going on to win such titles as National Collegiate Twirling Champion and Grand National Twirling Champion.

So, when it was Savannah’s turn to take the floor at the senior women final portion of the world championship event, everyone knew they were in for a treat! (One commentator even said he was going to “set my pen down and enjoy it.”)

And how can you go wrong when your routine’s set to the always beautiful and ever powerful “Amazing Grace“?

savannah twirler

Savannah doesn’t just twirl her baton, either. She twirls her entire body, moving with such dexterity and speed that you almost get vertigo just watching her windmill-like movements!


Did you catch that? Her baton is in the air for a full four seconds! We hope she never gets tired of the baton, but if she does, by the looks of this routine, transitioning into martial arts would be a cinch.

savannah miller baton

But, according to Savannah, she’s not stopping anytime soon:

There’s no perfection in this sport, which is so awesome. Each year, people from all different countries get better and better. It really pushes you as an athlete to keep training hard and working hard and pushing yourself to your limits.

How she manages to stay upright, never mind carry on with the routine, is a mystery only twirlers of her caliber will understand. Check out the full routine in the video below, and share with friends and family who will enjoy it, too!

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