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Tiny 2-Yr-Old Bakes A Cake In The Cutest Cooking Show You’ll Ever See.

roman baking cake

When it comes to teaching kids how to cook, it’s best to start them young.

Little Roman is just 2 years old, but his mom is already making sure he knows his way around the kitchen. Roman (with Mom’s help) made a video of the adorable little tow-head baking a cake, and it’s just about the cutest thing you’ll ever see.

No, really, ever. Just look at him!

Roman's cooking show

Even though Roman speaks incredibly clearly for a child his age, the captions do help.

In the video, the sweet toddler from┬áSouth Bend, Indiana, wears a cute, child-sized apron with no shirt underneath, which is good thinking if you’ve ever attempted to cook with a 2-year-old. They tend to be just a little bit messy, yet Roman is already a pro at keeping things neat and tidy.


As he calls out the ingredients he’ll need, much like a surgeon asking his nurse for an instrument in surgery, Roman’s mom silently hands in the pre-measured items from off-camera. He’s extremely articulate, but also still has the speech of a tiny toddler.

We love how he’s always taking a little pause to look at his own reflection in the camera, saying, “Hello!” in a chipper voice.


Roman’s mom shared the video online with the caption, “My 2-year-old son, Roman, bakes his very first cake in our kitchen!” The video is quickly gaining momentum online because seriously, this kid is C-U-T-E.

Like all good cooks, Roman also has to take a few “taste tests” along the way. Just making sure it’s okay, right, buddy?


And halfway through the video, right before slipping his finished cake into the oven, Roman himself seems overwhelmed by how cute he is! Stretching out his little hands towards the camera, he gives his whole body a big squeeze.


If this doesn’t get those maternal clocks ticking all over the world, we don’t know what will!

But just when you think he couldn’t get any cuter, wait until you see what he does when the cake’s out of the oven and it’s time to decorate it. Spoiler alert: it involves sprinkles…

LOTS of sprinkles.


Oh my goodness, Roman! Are you sure there’s any cake under there?

“It’s so perfect!” he proclaims periodically throughout the video… and we couldn’t agree more.

After a taste of the finished product, Roman gives it a thumbs up and proclaims it’s “yummy.”


As one commenter said, “this is a 2-year-old baking a cake I CANT EVEN COOK NOODLES ON A STOVE PROPERLY!” We hear you!

We’re not sure if he’s going to make any more cooking shows, but we sure hope he does. This kid is so much fun to watch, and that cake looks pretty tasty even with all those sprinkles.

Watch Roman’s cooking show below, and don’t forget to share to make someone smile today!

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