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Sassy Beaver Throws Tantrum When She Runs Out Of Banana Snack

Image shows foster sisters Tulip (right) and Petunia (left) meeting for the first time.

Beavers are one of those animals that people either love or don’t. They can be somewhat destructive in urban areas but are integral to rural ecosystems. Holley Muraco, PhD is a marine mammal scientist. She began working with orphaned beavers in 2020. Tulip is one of the beavers Holley is currently raising. She has a taste for bananas and throws a beaver temper tantrum when she doesn’t get enough!

Orphaned beavers are time-consuming and difficult to raise. They require special habitats, diets, and at least two years of care before release. Although Holley has an affinity for beavers, they are considered a nuisance animal in Mississippi. Finding a suitable location for release is problematic because, as a nuisance species, hunting them anytime is legal. Holley’s main goal is to educate people about this misunderstood animal and promote coexistence.

Learn more about the rescue efforts and the opening of their Beaver Sanctuary on Holley Muraco’s YouTube channel. In the meantime, we are totally in love with Tulip’s love of bananas and the little beaver’s adorable tantrums. She gets about half a banana every few days, which is never enough for the tantrum-throwing beaver.

Image shows Tulip the beaver eating her banana.
Image from YouTube.

As Tulip munches her banana, she makes num-num noises of pure joy. But as soon as that last bite goes in her mouth, her tone changes to frustration and despair. The tiny grunts and groans almost sound like words as she fusses about “starving” and not receiving an adequate supply of bananas.

The other beavers in Holley’s care also receive occasional banana treats. While Petunia and Stormy enjoy the treats, Tulip absolutely LOVES bananas. Please share this with other people who would enjoy watching a tiny beaver have a tantrum over a banana!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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