AGT Contestant Wows Wedding Guests With Incredible 1st Dance With Famous Dog.

Most newly married brides share their first wedding dance with, well, their husbands. But Sara Carson — now Sara Carson Devine — does things differently. If that name sounds familiar to you, it's probably because you remember watching the talented young woman dazzle the notoriously hard-to-please Simon Cowell a couple of years ago on "America's Got Talent" with her best buddy Hero the border collie. In fact, Simon enjoyed her act so much that he persuaded the other judges to let her stay on and compete. The dog trainer from Ontario, Canada, ended up finishing in fifth place with her charming routines featuring Hero's impressive skill set and jaw-dropping tricks. Since then, she's made quite the name for herself as a top international trick dog trainer who advocates for training animals only with positive reinforcement. Sara has gone on to captivate audiences worldwide, appearing on AGT's "The Champions" spin-off and other competitions with her dogs, "The Super Collies." Her way with animals is a truly remarkable sight to witness. To say Sara includes her dogs in every facet of her life would be no understatement. After all, they're her closest companions, the driving force behind her greatest passion, and the reason for her success. So when it came to planning her recent wedding, the 24-year-old knew she had to include Hero. Fortunately for Sara, her new husband, fellow dog trainer John Devine, was happy to let Hero take his place for the first dance. In June, Sara uploaded footage from her special day to Instagram with the caption, "Today was a big day! So happy to have Hero by my side through my life's journey. We had a Super Devine night." The pair brought all their best known AGT tricks as they boogied to the '80s classic, "Footloose" with Hero standing up on his hind legs... ...showcasing his signature jump through Sara's arms, and climbing onto Sara's back, holding up both front legs as if to say, "Look, Ma, no paws!" Even more impressive about the whole performance is that Sara says she and Hero didn't even practice the dance moves beforehand. Hero proved himself an excellent listener when he followed her commands to a tee, capturing even more hearts. Thousands watched Sara's video, gushing over their bond as well as their combined talent. One viewer wrote, "This is the cutest and sweetest thing I’ve ever seen, made me emotional!! Love you two and I’m so happy for you! Congrats." "About time you married Hero!" another joked. What an iconic duo! We're so happy Sara got to share such an important day not only with her new hubby, but her best four-legged friend! Congrats on your marriage, Sara and John — and great job, Hero! Watch as the bride tears up the dance floor alongside the best dog, and be sure to share with other animal lovers!
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