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Friends’ Emotional Military Dance Routine Dazzles AGT Judges Within Seconds.

One of the best things about America’s Got Talent is that the show doesn’t stick to one type of performance. Unlike other reality competition shows, viewers get to see contestants showcasing their skills in anything from singing, dancing, comedy, and more.

Because there are unlimited ways for contestants to dazzle the AGT judges, there are often kids who get the opportunity to audition. 11-year-old Izzy and 14-year-old Easton jumped on that opportunity and took the stage with a breathtaking contemporary dance piece.


Izzy and Easton are best friends and have been dancing together for the past five years. According to them, they make great dance partners not only because of their love of the craft, but also because of a number of shared interests – including food (so cute!).


For their audition, the duo decided to perform a dance number where Easton is playing a soldier going off to war and Izzy is his little sister who doesn’t want him to go.

After a sweet introduction with the judges, Izzy and Easton began their performance, which practically made everyone’s jaws drop from the very beginning. It was quickly very clear that these two aren’t just cute kids who like to dance – they have craft and technique that would rival any adult dancer.


Throughout the audition, Izzy and Easton remained perfectly in sync with each other. They flawlessly twirled and leaped across the stage with grace and precision. They each stayed in character throughout the performance as well, with Izzy having a pained, sad look on her face as Easton tried his best to remain stoic and strong as he left his “little sister” behind to go to war.


The AGT episode featuring Izzy and Easton hasn’t been aired yet, but we are so eager to hear what the judges have to say. If it were up to us, these two talented kiddos would win it all!

Watch Izzy and Easton’s incredible audition below and don’t forget to share with your friends!

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