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Home Depot Workers Find Cutest Little Family Inside Mulch Display.

raccoons in mulch

Hauling around bags of mulch for customers is a routine part of the job at Home Depot and doesn’t really come with a lot of shockers.

But when one employee who works in the gardening section of a Colorado Home Depot went to grab a bag of mulch last spring, he found himself face-to-face with a furry, heart-shaped surprise…

baby raccoons

Baby animals are always irresistible, but three baby raccoons with tails the size of pipe cleaners, cocooned in a nest surrounded by bags of mulch? Well, that’s almost too cute for words!

And their mom obviously went through a lot of trouble to build them this little hideaway (or rather, did a lot of chewing). Let’s zoom out here a bit so you can fully appreciate all the sweat and tears that went into this little construction project…

baby raccoons in mulch

Imgur user Elborrach0666 posted the image back in May, and viewers were predictably concerned about the fate of the little ones. And where was Mom, anyway? There wasn’t any sign of her, he replied, but maybe she was out foraging.

But fear not, until she returned, someone put up a sign to discourage people from disturbing the babies’ beauty sleep.

raccoon sign

A couple days went by and there was still no sign of Mom, though, and they had mulch to sell. So several employees put on the thickest gloves they could find and scooped them up, then Elborrach0666 handed the brood – named, however, briefly, Rocket, Nibbler Jr., and Nacho – over to the Division of Wildlife.

I think we can all agree that those are the cutest little fingers and toes anyone’s ever seen!

baby raccoon home depot

Once the babies were in safe hands, officials set out a humane trap for the mama raccoon so she and her babies could reunite and hopefully find a more appropriate home base!

raccoon babies

It’s truly heartening to see the concern these employees showed when they made such an unexpected discovery. Share to thank them and everyone else who shows so much empathy for wildlife!

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