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Rufus The Disabled River Otter Finds Home After His Mother Was Hit & Killed By A Car

A disabled otter with a piece of food in his mouth.

This disabled river otter is living his best life at his forever home after he and his mom were hit by a car. It hasn’t been an easy road for Rufus, but his caregivers at Xtreme Exotics Wildlife Foundation are doing everything they can to help him feel more comfortable. They’re even building him a more accessible lagoon for his enclosure! Judging by the footage of this adorable little critter, he looks like he’s living his best life.

After his accident, rescuers took Rufus to a zoo to recover. Unfortunately, the collision took his mother’s life. As they tried to rehabilitate the young otter, they found that he was disabled and couldn’t be released into the wild. According to a Facebook post from Xtreme Exotics Wildlife Foundation, the animal’s limbs weren’t growing like they should be.

A disabled otter with a piece of food in his mouth.
Screengrab from Facebook

“He can’t extend his limbs like a normal otter can,” they explained in their caption.

Since Rufus would not survive in the wild, the wildlife organization was more than happy to take him in. They’re currently taking donations to help finish building a beautiful new lagoon for this disabled otter on Facebook if you’d like to contribute.

A lagoon being built in a wildlife enclosure.
Screengrab from Facebook

“Rufus is the sweetest soul and deserves this upgrade more than anything,” said Xtreme Exotics.

We hope that Rufus gets his new lagoon soon!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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