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Daily Dose Of Cute: Cat Greets New Kitten In The Most Cat Way Possible

A black cat lays down in front of a tiny grey kitten.

When it was time for this family’s cat to meet their new little kitten, the owners weren’t sure how it would go over. However, as it turns out, the older feline actually had the most wholesome reaction ever! Was it also a little bizarre? Sure, but so are a lot of things that cats do. We’re so glad that these owners caught the hilarious moment on camera!

In the video, the cat seems pretty excited to meet the new kitten. So excited, in fact, that he flops over onto his side and slides across the carpet! He then proceeds to paw at his little sister and roll onto his back. Luna, the new kitty, was a bit startled by her older sibling’s behavior. All in all, though, the interaction between the cat and kitten during their first meeting was pretty cute!

“My cat Jack met his baby sister, Luna, for the first time,” wrote one of the cats’ owners, according to YouTube. “My boyfriend and I got her during Covid lockdown from a coworker of mine at the time. We were very nervous about what his reaction would be — he’s very…. spirited… and it went better than we could have ever hoped.”

A black cat lays down in front of a tiny grey kitten.
Screengrab from YouTube

Now that this cat has met and approved of his new kitten sister, we’re sure they’ll go on to be excellent siblings. Let’s hope their owners capture many more cute and funny moments like this!

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