Beware These Animals Who Are Secretly Little Gremlins!

gremlin animals

These furry friends may seem sweet, but they’ve got a sinister bend. The Internet has taken to calling naughty little animals “gremlins,” which perfectly captures their funny-looking evil.

You may think you’ve got a cute kitten or a sweet dog, but there’s no doubt that they go Gremlin Mode from time to time. Let’s take a look at some cutie pies who are hiding their gremlin side!

1. This little gremlin wants to show you their teefs.

beagle against a cage embodying "gremlin mode"
This image is from X.

Grrr, this pup is very scary. Be scared!

2. These cats took on groupmind to convey their gremlin-ness.

cats in a hallway
This image is from X.

This image is truly unnerving if you ask me.

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