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Our Favorite Baby Baker Is Back & This Time He’s Tackling Pizza.

roman cooks

Ladies, prepare to swoon. “Roman’s Cooking Corner” is back, and the 2-year-old chef-to-be is somehow even cuter than he was last time we saw him!

The first time we met Roman, he was wrist-deep in buttercream as he prepared his first cake with a little help from Mom, Ayla Jayln. Now, the¬†future Food Network star is back with the latest installment of his weekly cooking show, and this time he’s going Italian and making pizza.

Ayla uploaded Roman’s latest video to her YouTube channel, promising a brand-new episode of the adorable South Bend, Indiana, toddler once a month. “I hope you all enjoyed this little slice of Italy and are now craving pizza!!” she wrote.


Roman’s first cooking video was so incredibly sweet that it ended up going viral, so we’re sure there are lots of viewers out there who are more than ready to get a little more cuteness into their lives with his weekly cooking shows. Now that he’s a veritable professional, little Roman even got himself a brand new personalized apron!


Once again he’s not wearing any other clothes except the apron and a diaper, because cooking with kids is an endeavor that ends in a bath about 99% of the time. Why dirty the laundry when you can just throw the boy into the tub?

“We’re makin’ pizzaaaaa!” the sweet boy crows as he prepares to start his creation. He even does a little happy dance because he’s just so excited about making (and eating!) that delicious ‘za.


Using a pre-made pizza crust, Roman proceeds to pour on an exorbitant amount of sauce before dumping on a pile of shredded cheese.

“I have one,” he declares, popping a wad of cheese into his mouth before giving the soggy pizza a few whacks with the spatula, for good measure. He seems to adhere to a “one for me, one for the pizza” approach to adding toppings.


As for those toppings, they’re a little bit… unique. Pepperoni – check. Olives – check. But then he goes and adds something to it that might make you look at this pizza sideways: pineapple.

Hmm. A pepperoni, green olives, and pineapple pizza? Okay, if you say so, Roman!


After waiting for the pizza to come out of the oven, Roman opens up his homemade pizza box and samples his creation. It’s a bit messy, but he doesn’t seem to mind a bit!

The video ends with Roman thanking everyone for watching while examining his baby-fine hair for chunks of pizza, asking himself, “Why” as he plucks the pieces out of the wisps. Then he’s off to do whatever it is toddlers do when they’re not entertaining their many fans online… but not before turning to Ayla and asking politely,¬†“More pepperoni please!”


We’re not sure how that pizza actually tasted, but we do know we thoroughly enjoyed watching Roman make it!

Watch his second cooking show below, and be sure to share to make someone smile today!

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