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Rip-Ridin’ Roomba Wrangler: Watch Baby Cowboy Prove He’s A Natural

Images show a toddler riding on a Roomba in a full cowboy outfit.

Some people are born into a profession. Such is the case with our little rodeo wrangler. Folks, you have never seen a baby ride a Roomba like this tyke. Currently riding as the featured star for the Baby Roomba Rodeo Roundup, young Wells is making a name for himself. When he isn’t saddled with a ton of chores, he is practicing his Roomba riding. Sometimes, he even makes the Roomba help him finish his chores early.


When you’re actually a Buller Rider but your mama says you gotta do your chores first 😮‍💨😂🤠

♬ original sound – Courtney & Wells

Wells has been riding Roomba since he was old enough to sit up without assistance. His uncanny balance allows him to keep his seat in the saddle for long, grueling rides. Of course, Wells might grow up to be a police officer.


💙🚨Bad Boyz!!!! 🚨💙

♬ original sound – Courtney & Wells

His heart currently seems set on the rodeo circuit. Here he is on an award-winning championship ride. He’s dressed for the part, complete with an oversized belt buckle, Stetson, and some snazzy cowboy boots!


Mama out here acting like i can make this kinda mess all by myself! ….i had some help 👀🍼🤣

♬ original sound – Courtney & Wells

Wells will continue his training by riding on the Baby Roomba Rodeo Roundup. Eventually, he’ll move into competition with the Youth Rodeo Association (YRA). His mom, Courtney, watches him to ensure he receives the proper training at a young age without burning out.

Wells might be able to take over the top-earning bull rider title from J.B. Mauney. Mauney made a whopping $7,419,474.90 lifetime earnings before a broken neck forced him to retire from bull riding.

Image shows a diaper-wearing baby on a wild Roomba ride.
Image from TikTok.

Of course, it is also possible that Wells will give up on the Baby Roomba Rodeo Roundup and focus his attention on chores and vacuum cleaners. We’re sure his mom will smile no matter what path he chooses. For now, you can catch Wells on his wild Roomba rides by following the family on TikTok.

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