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“Rating Things Our Seller Left For Us On Move In Day”

A front porch with plants and rocking chairs.

When this new homeowner moved in, she was touched by the thoughtful things the seller left behind for her to make the house more comfortable. Some of the items were small, like toilet paper for the bathroom. Others were unbelievably generous! As the young woman prepared to settle in, she shared the previous owner’s beautiful gestures on social media.

“Rating things our seller left for us on move in day,” she wrote at the beginning of her post.

A front porch with plants and rocking chairs.
Screengrab from TikTok

In her slideshow, she shared images of all the wonderful touches she discovered around her new home. First, she found a gorgeous set of wooden rocking chairs perfect for relaxing on the front porch. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw them sitting there! Her rating for this item? 10000000/10!

“Are you kidding me??!” she wrote over the photo. “Bucket list item.”

Four wooden rocking chairs on an outdoor patio.
Screengrab from TikTok

Next, the new homeowner found a note from the seller. It contained a description of local wildlife to look out for in the area — including a neighborhood cat named RayRay! Apparently, this kitty absolutely loves to hang out at the house. That’s why one of the next things the seller left behind was an adorable kitty shelter for RayRay to feel safe in!

It seems like this home’s previous owner was especially invested in the future of their yard. Not only did they provide a number of beautiful outdoor planters and a hose to water them with, but they also gifted the new owner a fully-stocked fruit and vegetable garden! Among the things the seller left behind, this item received a rating of 1000000/10.

This new homeowner was so grateful for the things the seller left for her!

A flourishing fruit and vegetable garden in a yard.
Screengrab from TikTok

“I legit cannot believe how kind our home seller was to leave us all of these things,” wrote the buyer in their social media caption. “You can tell how much she cared about this place and wanted it to go to someone who loved it like we do.”

In an earlier post, the new owner explained her plans for the house. Apparently, this historic 1920’s home was once known as the “Grand Dame.” Her goal is to restore the structure to its “full glory” and “bring back her personality through thoughtfully acquired pieces and interior design.”

We’re sure the previous owner is delighted to pass her home onto someone who wants to put so much love and care into it. No wonder this seller left behind so many thoughtful things to help the buyer get started on her renovation!

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