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“Rating Destinations On How Safe I Felt As A Solo Traveler”

A woman traveler walking through an airport with her bags.

It’s not always easy to stay safe as a solo traveler, expecially for women. That’s why it’s so helpful when more experienced travelers give advice to newbies! One social media user named Anna often shares her best tips for taking trips alone with her followers. Her content can be a useful resource for other women who might be intimidated by the idea of seeing the world on their own!

In one video, Anna ranked some of the places she’s been to based on how safe she felt there by herself. She explained that, although she wasn’t alone the entire time in some of these locations, there were definitely occasions when she went exploring solo.

“Rating destinations on how safe I felt as a solo female traveler,” she wrote in her caption.


Rating destinations on how safe I felt as a solo female traveller 🎀🌎✈️ Each experience is so different and I travelled to some of these places with groups or people but I am rating it as how safe I felt when I was alone, would I go back solo etc. I’ve rated Thailand, Vietnam, Morocco, Paris, Cambodia, India and Australia ✈️ #solofemaletravel #solotravelsafety #traveltok #backpackinglife #southeastasia #australia

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First off, Anna gave Thailand a 10/10 ranking for safety. She gave the same score to Vietnam. Ranked just below were Paris and Cambodia, which each received a 9/10. Next, she gave Australia 8/10 and Morrocco 7/10. India earned the lowest score in her book at 5/10.

Anna didn’t explain what made her feel safe or unsafe as a solo female traveler in these destinations. It’s also important to remember that her rankings are based on her own experiences. Some commenters disagreed with her scores, claiming that their own trips were very different.

“Paris for me was a 4/10 unfortunately!” wrote one user.

“Paris rated so highly even better than Australia really surprised me!” added another. “I felt much safer in Australia than Paris.”

A woman traveler walking through an airport with her bags.
Screengrab from TikTok

While Anna’s video probably shouldn’t be taken as a comprehensive travel guide, it’s great that she’s bringing up the issue of women’s safety in different locations. Obviously, everyone should be careful when they travel. However, women often do face more threats when journeying by themselves.

We hope that Anna’s rankings will inspire other solo travelers to do their research on safety before heading to a new place!

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