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Woman’s Late-Night DoorDash Delivery Gets Swiped By Adorable Little Bandits.

Raccoons were caught stealing food at the door of a 2nd-floor apartment.

Caterina Sevares wanted tacos. She ordered a DoorDash delivery in the wee hours of the morning before jumping in the shower. Expecting that her tacos had been delivered while showering, she opened the door to retrieve her late-night snack. What met her was a band of thieves that were ravaging the neighborhood. She did not expect to catch several raccoons stealing her food!

Raccoons standing on the stairs after stealing food from a DoorDash delivery.
Image from TikTok.

The little rascals were still standing near the stairwell, so Catarina began recording them on her phone. The daring bandits were quite vocal, emitting hisses and striking threatening poses. The leader of the band of thieves stood up, with his backup still near the stairs. That was enough for our hungry human. Catarina decided to cut her losses and retreat to the safety of her 2nd-floor apartment.

Leader of the raccoon gang standing his ground.
Image from TikTok.

When inspecting the bag, Catarina discovered they had eaten everything except a couple of tortilla shells. In an interview with Fox35 News, Catarina said, “I’m 5’3″, I’m not fighting three of these things.” The porch pirates may have been stalking the DoorDash driver to have made such a quick snatch-and-grab. Catarina posted a video of the encounter on her TikTok. It (of course) went viral, and word got back to Talkin’ Tacos, where the order had originated.


Bro raccoons run my apartment complex I can’t even #raccoon #raccoonsoftiktok #fyp

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Talkin’ Tacos reposted Catarina’s video on their Instagram page with the caption, “Taco thieves on the loose!” The local eatery was distressed with how the event went down, so they worked to make amends. They offered her tacos on the house and a gift card, with apologies. It wasn’t their fault that this band of thieves targeted Catarina’s late-night snack, but the business was very gracious.

Raccoons Stealing Food Is Not New

Raccoons are notorious for their entitled attitude. They have earned nicknames such as “Trash Pandas,” “Bandit,” and “Treasure Cat.” When camping, they often search campsites, opening bins, boxes, and even coolers for food. In urban environments, they rob trash bins or become porch pirates. One man caught them helping themselves to a swim in his pool!

Raccoons are also cute as heck, and therein lies the problem. While we gush over their silly antics, they are robbing us blind and stealing all the food. Catarina really wanted those tacos! Please share if you enjoyed reading about Catarina’s encounter with these career criminals.

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