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A Dog, A Duck, And Goose Hop On A Train… And It’s Not The Punchline For A Joke!

Close up of a duck, goose, and dog standing with a man as they start to board a train together.

Like most things in life, public transportation has its pros and cons. It’s considered to be more environmentally friendly and it can be cost effective, both of which are nice. But on the flip side, it can often be crowded. That being said, who your fellow passengers are can make a world of difference, good or bad. That said, I can only imagine that the folks who shared a train with a dog, duck, and goose had the best time ever.

Yes, you read that correctly. Somewhere in Poland, a man was seen boarding his train with a dog, duck, and goose in tow. Somehow, he casually does this like it’s the most common, mundane thing in the world. It’s no wonder someone captured footage of this amazing crew (Content Warning: Music in the video contains explicit language).

All Aboard the Silly Goose Train!

@czachorinio witamy w Polsce #fyp #foryou #dlaciebie #polska #pkp ♬ I Love Poland – 티곰

Like everyone else, I have so many questions about this man and his group of animal friends: What are their names? Where were they going? Why is the duck the only one not on a leash? They have stories to tell, I’m sure of it.

And they aren’t the only ones — turns out, it’s more common to spot unusual animal friends on public transportation than you might think. Take, for example, the opossum someone spotted while on a subway in New York City.

@subwaycreaturesofficial Is possum with an ‘o’ or nah? Does it even matter right now? #subwaycreatures #fyp #foryourpage #subway #iloveny #nyc #mta #nyclife #possum #opossum ♬ original sound – SubwayCreatures

How cozy does that opossum look in that basket? Seriously, it’s like that place is his second home. He doesn’t even seem phased by any of the commotion that comes with public transportation, especially a place as busy as NYC.

Our final destination is in Moscow. Here, we see a crowd of people eagerly waiting for their ride to arrive. While some people pass the time with their phone, one woman stares ahead, likely making sure that the fox on her shoulder remains balanced there.

@planetrussell Just another 🦊 day on the #Moscow #Metro #subway.#fox #foxes #shoulder #Москва #метро #reddit ♬ original sound – planetrussell

“Just another day on the Moscow Metro,” TikTok user planetrussel captions his video.

How does one go about getting a pet fox? Also, I am once again asking for the names of these adorable creatures — I can’t be the only one who wants to know. In any case, it’s nice to know that there are so many fun, unexpected groups of animal friends setting off on adventures in trains and subways all over the world!

Have you ever seen an unusual creature, like a goose, on a train before? How would you feel if you did?

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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