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Mom Captures Moment Quadruplets Figure Out How To Hug Each Other.

A set of Canadian quadruplets no doubt receives more than their fair share of hugs and kisses from their parents. But their mom captured the adorable moment they realized they can hug each other, not just Mom and Dad, and the short clip is now spreading like fire.

Bethani and Tim Webb are the proud — and almost certainly exhausted — parents of quadruplets Abby, Emily, Grace, and McKayla. These little munchkins star in the video below, which has gotten tens of millions of hits since Bethani posted it on her Facebook page on January 1.


“It’s a little crazy to think so many people like the video and wanted to watch the video. I didn’t think I’d get that many hits on it, I just uploaded it to the girls Facebook page thinking maybe a few people would watch it,”said Bethani, who lives in Alberta, Canada.


There’ll never be a shortage of hugs in this family, that’s for sure. And fortunately, there’ll never be a shortage of all the supplies needed for infant quadruplets, either, thanks to the Webb’s amazing community.


They all pulled together and raised $50,000 to help pay for all the diapers, formula and other supplies needed to care for these sweet little girls.

Check out the adorable hugfest in the clip below, and share to spread more love!

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