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Puzzled Camel Farmer Finds Baby All Alone, Instantly Begins Searching For Mom.

A woman picks up a baby camel.

A seemingly abandoned baby camel posed a strange conundrum for farmer Yasmin Brisbane. In fact, she was so perplexed at finding the lonely calf at her camel dairy that she documented the incident on video. As she looked around for the baby’s mom, she noticed that most of the other adult camels were ignoring the little guy. When Yasmin picked him up and shouted, “Whose child is this?” in an attempt to get the mother’s attention, no one came forward to claim the calf.

“Newborn Mums are extremely protective and aggressive,” the farmer wrote in her video. “They are never far away. Abandoned babies are rare.”

The baby camel’s mom was nowhere to be found!

In a follow-up video, Yasmin shared that she still had not located the baby camel’s mother. So, she nicknamed the calf “Munchkin” and started bottle-feeding him with milk from the dairy. However, she explained that this was only a temporary solution. Finding the mother camel would be extremely important for the baby’s future well-being.

“We are giving him a bottle for now, but fully intend to bond him back with his mum,” she wrote.


Replying to @Monogram Magick he is named and we are gonna get him and his mum back together! Also for those asking, he was born just before Starr passed away. We tried before and after to see if Goldie would feed her, but she wouldn’t let him. #cameltok #babycamel

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Finally, Yasmine provided a third update to the story: she had found the baby camel’s mom. Unfortunately, this mother was very young and inexperienced. Even when she was reunited with her child, she didn’t seem to know how to care for him. Yasmine assured her viewers that she would try her best to get them reacquainted with each other. She’s calling the project “Operation Rebonding.”

We hope this adorable baby camel is able to feed from his mom soon! If you need more baby animals to “aww” over in the meantime, look no further.

Watch the video below to see the moment Munchkin and his mom recognize each other!


UPDATE! We found Munchkin’s mum and called her Maisie (because even though she wasn’t feeding him, we could tell she was a very sweet camel) #cameltok #abandonedbaby #babycamels

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