Hilarious Pups: Dean The Basset Hound Moos… Then Farts.

Basset hound looks confused after he let out a moo and a fart.

You can never really know what will come out of a little kid’s mouth. The same can also be said for our pets. Anyone who has one, or has ever been around one, is sure to agree — they’re unpredictable and, sometimes, in the best ways. Take, for example, the beloved basset hound named Dean.

With over 30,000 followers on YouTube and over 264,000 on Instagram, it’s safe to say that Dean has made a name for himself, with one of those names being “World’s Leading Laziness Guru,” according to his bio. He was born in Toronto, Canada in February 2014, meaning he’s close to turning 10 years old!

“Follow the floppy adventures of Dean!” his YouTube bio reads.

When you hear the word “adventure,” you may imagine a trip to a faraway location. But for Dean, some of his best adventures take place right at home, as seen in this popular video.

Basset Hound Lets Out An Unexpected Moo and Fart

In it, Dean is lounging on a comfy bed. The video starts with him howling loudly. So loudly, in fact, that he prompts his human to ask, “What’s wrong?”

Dean the basset hound leans his head back, howling — this is the howl before the moo and fart.

Dean’s reply starts with a drawn-out bark that more closely resembles the “moo” of a cow than anything else. Then, as if on cue, the adorable pup lets out a particularly loud fart. As much as this sound came out of nowhere for his human, it seems the same is true for him!

With a bewildered look on his face, it seems as though Dean asks, “What was that? Me?”

“I’d say being able to communicate from both ends makes him a genius,” one commenter wrote. “Much respect, Dean.”

Watch Dean the adorable basset hound let out an expected moo and fart in the silly video below.

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