30 Adorable Baby Animals Who Will Give You An Instant Mood Boost

baby seals and 2 baby hedgehogs

When we need a pick-me-up, looking at pictures of adorable animals online always does the trick.


Since the only things better than animal pictures are baby animal pictures, here are 30 newborns who only want to brighten your day. How could we be sad or upset when we know these sweethearts are out there?

1. Two baby goats snuggling. Just perfect.

2. These two baby hedgehogs are already best friends.

3. “A baby fox showed up to say ‘hi’ at my grandmother’s house.”

4. Seal pups, anyone?

5. Looks like this little fella was born smiling!

6. That’s no stinky kitty, that’s a baby skunk!

7. The first time this koala baby poked his head out from his mama’s pouch.

8. Baby warthogs are so cute they should make stuffed animals that look like them.

9. This baby Highland cow looks like a giant teddy bear.

10. The most beautiful visitor to your garden.

11. He’s a joey, a baby kangaroo.

12. Newborn hippo says, “Blep.”

13. Ever seen a newborn screech owl before? We hadn’t either, but we’re glad we have now.

14. Five super cute otter pups born at Auckland Zoo in Australia.

15. This itty-bitty baby crab crawled right onto a photographer’s finger.

16. This little lamb has the cutest smile!

17. Panda bears hanging out in the nursery.

18. A baby lionhead lop rabbit whose name is Jujube. Aw!

19. A goat so small he can fit in the palm of your hand.

20. Baby platypuses are called puggles, and we can’t handle the cuteness.

21. Sweet little moo cow.

22. “Baby kittens, each a separate color of the mother’s four-colored coat.”

23. This baby snapping turtle proves you don’t have to be furry to be adorable.

24. Two baby burros catching some z’s.

25. A baby anteater weighs in.

26. Just a rabbit baby with the biggest feetsies ever!

27. Even marine life is cute! Case in point, this axolotl baby.

28. “In case you’re having a bad day, here’s a baby okapi.”

29. “This little guy was one of the last babies of the summer last year. He knew exactly how to get all the attention.”

30. Here’s one last wrinkly baby hippo to carry you through the day!

We can feel that serotonin surging through our veins! Thank you, baby animals, just for being you.

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