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Tiny Puppy Runs “Lab Tests” On Newborn Calf In Cutest Video Ever.

We all know that dogs can cure just about anything with their sloppy kisses: a bad breakup, a stuffy nose, a rough day at work – they make everything feel better.

So it stands to reason that their kisses could make other species feel better, too, right? While you might think there’s no way to properly test this theory, a little Labrador patient at Heartland Animal Hospital and Vet Services in Ontario begs to differ. Just call this eager pup Dr. Tucker.


A few weeks back, after Tucker visited the animal hospital for some vaccinations, he went home with some newfound appreciation for the field of medicine.

Naturally, he thought that he could check up on some patients himself. His mom, of course, saw his potential (read: he’s super cute) and let him do a tip-to-tail inspection of the newest resident at his family’s farm.


It’s not clear what the newborn calf thought of the full-body inspection, but little Tucker goes at it with all the gusto that only a 2.5-month-old puppy can muster.


And because puppies aren’t known for having a long attention span, Tucker stops the physical exam halfway through and tries to engage the calf in some playtime…


The timid calf just sat there, though, so Tucker got back to “work.”


The animal hospital shared the sweet video to their Facebook page calling out the cutest “LAB tests” that were ever run. And we can’t argue with that – if there was a tiny Tucker at every checkup, we’d go to the doctor’s way more often!


It’s pretty clear that puppy kisses are good across all species, and the internet seems to agree!

One viewer commented, “Baby animals are like little kids. They don’t care who you are or what you look like. They just get together and play.â€

Watch as this adorable little doc give his new pal a clean bill of health in the video below, and be sure to share to spread the love!

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