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Olympic Gymnasts Come Up With The Most Hilarious Way To Get Dressed.

They say everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time, but apparently, we’ve all been deceived. If you’re an Olympic gymnast who knows your way around a Double Full Twist, then you don’t have to put your pants on the boring way.

An Olympic gymnast named Nile Wilson decided to show off his unique method for getting dressed. He posted the amazing clip on Instagram with the caption, “How Gymnasts get dressed. Stepped it up a level!”

nile wilson first flip

More like stepped it up SEVERAL levels!

insane flips

Nile’s gymnast buds Ash Watson and Luke Stoney also got in on the act.

nile's friend luke

The trio takes turns showing off not just their ability to do amazing aerial twists and flips, but also the incredible accuracy involved in these tricks. Remember, it’s not a skirt that they’re flipping into; it’s a pair of shorts.

nile sticks landing

To be able to land comfortably with both legs through takes an immense amount of talent. And yes, even for the most skilled of gymnasts things can go wrong.

Despite a successful attempt, Nile didn’t quite stick his landing and went tumbling off the platform, causing both Ash and Luke to bust out laughing. We started laughing too until we realized how hard it was for any of us to still do a cartwheel.

whoops nile

You can watch this must-see clip below. If you’re a fan of skilled athletes performing highly skilled tricks, don’t forget to share this story!

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