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“Pretending To Faint In Front Of My Cows — Did They Pass The Test?”

Left image shows two Scottish highland cows nosing their "mom" when she pretended to faint. Right image shows the two cows eating with the words "RIP mom."

A popular social media trend involves people pretending to faint in front of animals to see their reactions. When the owner of two floofy cows (Scottish Highland cows) performed the challenge, she received a unique and hilarious response.

Image shows the owner of two Scottish Highland cows pretending to faint.
Image from Instagram.

We are unsure what is funnier: the cow’s reactions or the added commentary that serves as thought bubbles for the two young critters.

At first, the cows seem uncertain about how to react and bounce around quite a bit. Once they settle, both of them stare at the “dead” body.

Left and right images show two cows assessing the situation when their owner pretended to faint.
Image from Instagram.

Then, the slightly larger one noticed their owner carrying snacks when she fell. That might be why he is somewhat larger. After a few tentative pokes and a scare when “mom” shifted slightly, both cows determined she was truly gone. That could mean only one thing to these little floofs — time for snacks. Both cows grabbed a bite of the snacks from their mom’s hand and started chewing.

The original poster of the video asked if her cows passed or failed the pretending to faint test. Even if we grade this test using a steep bell curve, they fail badly. But they are super-cute little floofy cows, so maybe they get extra credit points for that?

Pretending To Faint With Frankie

Frankie is a border collie owned by Charlotte. People pretending to faint around him might be in for a pretty painful surprise. Rather than sniff, look, and wonder what happened, Frankie jumps into action. And by “jump,” we mean jump, literally.

Charlotte trained Frankie to mimic giving Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. When Charlotte pretends to faint, Frankie goes right to work. He pounces on her chest to provide the necessary compressions to restart the heart. After several good chest compressions, Frankie applies some good, old-fashioned dog breath. If that doesn’t bring the person around, he begins more chest compressions. Although Frankie’s CPR training probably won’t save any lives, it is adorable.

Left image shows border collie Frankie performing mock chest compressions. Right image shows him offering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
Image from Instagram.

We have seen people pretending to faint in front of horses, cows, goats, dogs, and more. In many cases, the animals’ reactions are hilarious. Fans at a baseball game got a good laugh when the team mascot pretended to faint, and a young fan jumped in to perform CPR! There are so many videos that you could watch them all day and barely see any repeats. If you enjoyed seeing floofy cows reacting to their mom pretending to faint, please share this with a friend.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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