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Barking Dog Steals The Show During DJ’s New York City Street Performance

Marc Rebillet holding a microphone for a dog during a performance.

Musician and DJ Marc Rebillet is a master of improvisation, so when a dog wouldn’t stop barking during an NYC performance, he knew just what to do. He brought the noisy pooch forward and made him part of the show! After recording a few of the animal’s barks, he ingeniously worked them into his beat. Everyone loved how he turned an untimely interruption into a clever audience participation moment!

One audience member caught some hilarious footage from the DJ’s NYC performance featuring a particularly vocal dog. In the clip, the owner was holding his pup up to the microphone so that Rebillet could record his barks. Honestly, the beat turned out pretty cool!


@marc rebillet love finding you throughout NYC! This was a very unique experience! Love your passion for the music✨✨ Th dog was a solo artist lol #lol #music #dog #dogmusic #love #lovemusic #livemusic #nyc #nycmusic #marcrebilletvibes #outonthestreetsofnyc #findmarcbillet #marcrebilletlive #tiktokchallenge #tiktokart #music #bark #doggies #loveyourlife

♬ original sound – Oneflight_away

“@Marc Rebillet love finding you throughout NYC!” wrote the user in their caption. “This was a very unique experience! Love your passion for the music. The dog was a solo artist lol.”

Commenters thought the footage of the DJ inviting the dog to participate in his NYC street performance was way too funny.

“If this was my dog I would never stop talking about this,” one person wrote.

Another joked, “I’m telling my dog this was Coachella.”

“Imagine how confused the dog was hearing it after,” added a third.

Did you know that cute animals make every musical performance 100% better?

Marc Rebillet holding a microphone for a dog during a performance.
Screengrab from TikTok

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a street performer bring in a four-legged musician. A viral Reddit video shows a band playing a song called “Learn to Meow” for a rapt audience. However, one of their members is not like the others — they’re a ginger cat!

Much like the dog during the DJ’s performance in NYC, this cat also had to be held up to the microphone by a human. However, this kitty seemed to have learned their lines beforehand, because they were able to meow on cue!

We can learn two very important lessons from Marc Rebillet’s performance featuring a four-legged friend. First of all, sometimes obstacles are just opportunities in disguise. Second, seeing animals singing into microphones is the cutest thing ever!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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