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“I’m Seck An’ Tired,” Toddler Spouts Hilarious Rant In Scottish Accent

Close up of a toddler talking passionately. She's holding up a single finger as she does.

Sometimes, you just need to rant about your feelings. This is true even when others don’t fully understand what you’re going through… or what you’re saying. If you’re a parent to a toddler, you understand this more than most of us. Even though toddlers haven’t been able to talk for long, they certainly have a lot to rant about. And this Scottish toddler is no different.

TikTok user ginny80 shared a video of her own toddler going on one of her infamous rants. Although most viewers, myself included, can’t understand a lot of what she’s saying, one thing is clear: She is sick and tired of her dad’s shenanigans. What has he done, exactly? Well, that’s up for interpretation.

@lyndaca80 😅 #toddlersoftiktok #funny #rant ♬ original sound – ginny80

The video starts with the fed-up toddler talking about how Mom needs to be quiet because “my head’s bouncing because of Dad” and she’s “sick and tired of him.” To this, Mom poses a very important question.

“How could your dad be annoying you if he’s at work?” she asks.

Scottish Toddler Goes on Hilariously Adorable Rant About Dad

This gives the toddler pause for a moment. Still, she’s quick with an answer. This is where deciphering her angry, Scottish, toddler voice gets especially difficult. Her thick accent especially makes it challenging. In any case, she sure is passionate about whatever it is she’s saying, and I think she may call dad “stinky” at one point.

So, it seems that the details of this toddler’s (adorable) tiff with dad will remain a mystery. Though, I have a feeling she forgot about it long before he got back home that day!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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