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Precious: Little Girl Makes Motivational Posters To Cheer On Bee She Rescued

Left image shows a rescued bee and a tiny motivational poster. Right image shows a small girl in a full beekeepers suit.

Nine-year-old Willow McMurray found a distressed bee on her family’s property in the tiny village of Auchendinny, Scotland. She knew it needed her help. The young girl grabbed a container and scooped the ailing bee into it. She gave the little bug some sugar water and honey and was able to pet it gently. When the bee seemed settled in its new “hospital,” Willow felt the area needed a bit of décor to help the bee during its recovery, so she placed tiny motivational posters in the container.

Willow’s mom, Anouska Curzon, thought the rescue mission was cute and posted about it on X. That post went viral because the tiny motivational posters are un-bee-lievable. The post has gained 1.3 million views. During an interview, Willow said the idea for the posters popped into her head, and she thought they might help the bee get well quickly.

Image shows tiny motivational posters a young girl made for a rescued bee.
Image from X.

The two tiny posters are expertly crafted. They feature drawings of little bees and the words “You can do this” and “Keep going.” Something the child did must have worked, as the bee recuperated and flew away rather quickly after rescue. Although Willow had hoped to keep the bee as a pet, her motivational posters were not a wasted effort. She had named the bee Honey while it was in her care.

As if this whole story wasn’t cute enough already, something interesting happened a few days later. The family discovered a full beekeeper protective suit while checking out a local “boot sale” (like a yard sale, garage sale, or flea market). You know they bought it. It looks adorable on Willow.

Left image shows a rescued bee with a flower and a tiny motivational poster and a wilting flower. Right image shows a small girl in an large beekeeper's suit.
Images from X here and here.

Willow may grow up to become a beekeeper after this bee-autiful experience.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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