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Senior Living Facility Shares Silly Series Of Clips Before & After A Casino Trip

Images show two senior ladies making predictions about their winnings during a casino trip.

One of the benefits of living in a senior facility is going on field trips. On a recent trip to a local casino, residents at Arrow Senior Living shared their expectations before the trip. They also lamented about the meager returns they went home with after the senior casino trip. Easy come, easy go…

Della got off the bus with a hopeful spirit. When asked about her projected winnings, she hoped for $2,000. Unfortunately, when it came time to cash out at the end of the day, Della left with $40.19. Depending on what she began with, that may have been a small windfall, but it wasn’t near her projected winnings.
Senior lady projecting wins of $2,000 during a senior casino trip.
Image from TikTok.

Wanda walked into the casino with a goal of $1,000 but sadly held a cashout voucher for only 80 cents at the end of the day.

Senior lady projecting $1,000 in winnings, but she only won 80 cents.
Image from TikTok.

No matter how much they hoped for and how meager their final tally was, each resident smiled at the end of the day. They may not have won big on their senior casino trip, but they had a great time. Phyllis would buy dinner for everyone, but the ladies would have to settle for whatever they were serving in the dining room.

Senior woman who promised to make enough gambling to buy everyone dinner, only to leave with zero dollars.
Image from TikTok.

Some of the ladies seemed to set more realistic goals, like Gloria, who was expecting to take $100 home. She walked out, holding her hand up with a goose egg signal for zero. While the day wasn’t as productive as any of the ladies had hoped, they all appeared to have enjoyed the senior casino trip. We’re not sure how much money the ladies lost, but we are hopeful that each only invested a small amount of their life savings.

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