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This Bumblebee With A Broken Wing Could Not Bee In Better Hands.

A woman took this injured bumblebee home.

When Katharina Wallén noticed a bee crawling around on the ground, she knew something wasn’t right. It seemed like the insect was following her, eventually crawling up onto her shoe! At first, she just thought the little pollinator was extra hungry, so she offered her a picked flower. That’s when she found out the bee had a broken wing.

Instead of leaving her to the elements, Katharina decided to take the bumblebee home. She made a little house for the insect filled with fresh flowers and sugar water. Oh, and in case you thought this couldn’t get any cuter, she named her new pet Sweet Pea.

Watch the video below to get an update on Sweet Pea’s well-beeing.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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