Precious: Little Boy Stops Halfway To Second Base To Give His Friend A Hug

boys running at baseball game

Many children are born competitive, but this kid seems to have a different set of priorities. At his baseball game, he had to stop to give his friend a quick hug at second base.

How. Cute. Is. That?!

Rather than worry too much about the outcome of the game, this little man wanted to give some love.


SAFE! 😂 (via cayleerodriguezz) #baseball #cute

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The official wasn’t totally sure what was going on, which only adds to the hilarity of this baseball hug.

He gave the kid a “safe,” but then realized he hadn’t hit the base. The kid delivered his hug and ran back to second base, and finally, the official could signal him truly safe.

This is the kind of clip that Mom is going to play at his wedding one day!

baseball hug
This image is from TikTok.

Apparently, giving a hug during a baseball game isn’t a bad sign!

“MLB 1st baseman Freddie Freeman hugs players when they get to his base sometimes so this kid is going places!” shared one commenter.

Other viewers were excited that he still made it to the base in time.

“Still safe! I was prepared to feel bad that he was going to be out! Kindness wins again, just like it should!”

At InspireMore, we’re always a fan of a hug — even during a baseball game!

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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