“Thank You Jesus!” Little Boy Has The Cutest Response Every Time The Lights Turn On

Image shows a small boy entering a dark room on the left. Right image shows the same boy with a look of wonder on his face as the light "magically" comes on.

As technology advances, we find our lives more and more automated each day. We use Alexa to control many functions around the house. For those who don’t want to order Alexa around, there are motion-sensitive adapters for our lights. Our video includes a motion sensor and a small boy who seems to have found Jesus.

His dad recently installed a motion-sensor light so that the light magically comes on when the boy enters the room. His mom caught the scene on video, and it is adorable!


Everytime this light turns on he says thank you jesus 🥹 kidsoftiktok #funny

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Alexa can set a timer for our cupcakes in the oven, tell Ford Pass to start our vehicle in the driveway, and much more. Our Ring doorbells send messages to our emails and phones, with alerts when a package arrives. No matter how much automaton you have in your home, happiness in life boils down to the little things. Seeing the pure joy of this tiny tot as he exclaims, “Thank you, Jesus,” is truly inspiring. It’s these small moments in life that make all the difference.

Watch the video and rejoice in its simplicity. Without much to compare the moment to, the young toddler forms the only connection he can. It is unexplainable; therefore, it must be a miracle from Jesus. He dances with joy in his dinosaur pajamas when the light comes on.

Image shows a boy dancing with joy because he thinks Jesus turned on the light for him.
Image from TikTok.

This young boy thinks that the magical light is the divine intervention of a helping hand from Jesus. His reaction was priceless; we’re glad his mom shared it for us to enjoy. Take a second out of your day today and every day. Rejoice in the simple ways our lives are more convenient through technology. Laugh and dance for joy at the simple things.

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