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Precious: Dog Feels Baby Kick In Mom’s Belly & Has Sweetest Reaction

Close up of a brown dog resting her head on a woman's pregnant belly. The dog's eyes are wide as she looks up at mom who is recording this moment.

The bond between humans and dogs goes way back. Still, it seems we’re always finding new evidence that proves just how special this bond truly is — both for us humans and our animal friends. There are numerous ways our dogs express their love for us, and one of the sweetest ways takes place in the viral video below. This special moment was shared by a pregnant woman named Heaven Leigh.

In the video, we see Heaven and her dog relaxing together. Her dog, Rosie, looks oh-so cozy as she snuggles up against Mom’s belly. Then, something amazing happens: The baby kicks! Best of all, it’s clear Rosie feels it, too She expresses this by letting out emotional whines, all while wagging her tail. As Heaven explains, this seems to be her dog’s way of crying!

@heavenly06241127 Now we’re both crying. She switched to straddling my belly to feel the kicks and was wagging her tail with each one 🥹🤍 #pregnant #kick #baby #pregnancy #dogsoftiktok #love #fyp ♬ come into my arms – november ultra

But don’t worry, these aren’t cries of sadness. On the contrary, little Rosie couldn’t be happier about the new addition to their family. Not only can this be seen in her happy tail wags, but it’s also clear in the way she can’t get enough of feeling the baby kick. Truly, dogs are too precious for words!

Sweet Dog Gets Emotional When She Feels Mom’s Baby Kick for the First Time

“Now we’re both crying,” Heaven shares in the caption of her video. “She switched to straddling my belly to feel the kicks and was wagging her tail with each one.”

“Oh she loves her tiny hooman already,” someone writes in the comments, with another adding, “Now [we’re] ALL crying.”

“The purest, kindest, most undeserved love on the planet comes from dogs,” someone else points out.

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