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Wolfhound Shows Surprising Compassion For Her Pregnant Owner

A fluffy wolfhound with their tongue hanging out.

This thoughtful wolfhound is encouraging her pregnant owner to take care of herself, and we’re honestly shocked by how smart this pooch is! A woman shared the most adorable video of her surprisingly conscientious dog. Known on social media as Santa the wolfhound, this pet was adamant that her mom get plenty of rest. She was even willing to sacrifice her own precious walking time!

In the sweet clip, Santa the wolfhound was going for a stroll with Mom when she paused to let the pregnant woman rest. Actually, the dog led her owner right up to a bench by the side of the trail and wouldn’t budge until she sat down. Santa looked so concerned for the human’s health!

“POV: you’re nine months pregnant and your wolfhound stops at every bench she sees,” the woman wrote in her video.

Many commenters were impressed by the way this intelligent wolfhound took care of her human mom.

“She is telling you that you need to rest,” wrote one user. “Trust her, she knows best.”

Another added, “What a sweet intuitive baby!”

According to other videos on Santa the wolfhound’s social media account, this wasn’t just an isolated occurrence. Apparently, this is something the dog does for Mom during nearly every walk! Whenever she spots a bench in the distance, she just has to guide the pregnant woman right to it.

In one hilarious clip, the wolfhound completely derailed their walk in order to get to a nearby picnic table. Then, when Mom kept moving forward, Santa stubbornly stood there, refusing to move. She really wanted her owner to take a rest!

What a considerate dog! We may think we’re taking care of our pets, but sometimes it’s our pets who really take care of us.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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