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“My Husband Told Me He Was Taking The Dog For A Walk…”

Left image shows English Harry meeting new friends during a walk. Right image shows a husband "taking the dog for a walk" by sleeping in an air-conditioned vehicle.

Before they got Harry, the English bulldog, this family searched for “Dogs that don’t like to walk and don’t bark. The English bulldog was the top search result. With that in mind, it should not have been a huge surprise when her husband took their dog for a walk, and she found the two in a hilarious position.

It seems that her husband is just as fond of walking as their dog, a match made in heaven. Bulldogs are stout, with a scrunched snout that creates breathing difficulties. While they can be quite powerful, walking is definitely not a favorite activity for this breed.

The American Kennel Club considers bulldogs calm, friendly, and courageous animals. They can be affectionate and are usually good with children and other dogs. Although many people think bulldogs are lazy, according to the AKC, they enjoy brisk walks and moderate exercise, except during the hotter summer months. They also need a good diet to stay fit and healthy. Because the shape of their snout can cause labored breathing, summers are best spent indoors, spoiled with air conditioning.

Husband "taking the dog for a walk" by sleeping in an air-conditioned vehicle.
Image from TikTok.

Bulldog owners are as fiercely loyal to their dogs as the dogs are to their humans. One of the most important parts of caring for bulldogs is keeping them from overheating. In that respect, the husband “taking the dog for a walk” by napping in the air-conditioned vehicle is a healthy exercise.

English Harry’s family spends much time recording and posting about his life on TikTok. Harry is very good at making new friends.

If you have ever met an English bulldog, chances are good that you will love the breed for their easy-going nature. Please share this hilarious tale.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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