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“Man On The Moon” Inspirational Christmas Ad Has The Internet In Tears

Man on the Moon John Lewis ad

One of the best things about Christmas time is the warm commercials launched by retailers and companies that remind us of the simple things that bring us joy. British department store chain John Lewis has a yearly tradition of “announcing” Christmas to the UK with their spectacularly produced Christmas advertisements.

Their “Man on the Moon” advertisement was released last year is perhaps one of the best of all. A young girl with a telescope is exploring the night stars and moon when she spots a little old man with a house on the moon. Instantly, the girl wants to reach out to the “man on the moon” because she senses his loneliness.


The campaign’s soundtrack features appropriately fitting lyrics from a cover of Oasis’ “Half the World Away,” sung by Norwegian singer Aurora.


The bright-eyed little girl tries everything to send a message to the old man including reaching out an envelope to him, shooting her with a homemade bow and arrow, and attempting to throw a paper airplane to the moon.


Finally, on Christmas night as the young girl and her family celebrate, the “man on the moon” sees balloons approaching him as he sits on a bench. Attached to the balloons is a box with the little girl’s note and a telescope. The man uses the telescope to see Earth and finally sees the little girl standing in the window waving at him – a tear of joy rolls down his face.


The commercial ends with a heartwarming message:

“Show someone they’re loved this Christmas.”

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