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Photographer Captures Adorable Peek Into A Day In The Life Of A Baby Sea Turtle

A baby turtle crawling around on the ground.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a baby sea turtle? Photographer Ross Long captured some incredible images of these creatures, and it seems like they have a pretty charmed life. He shared some of his favorite pictures in an Instagram Reel that’s sure to melt your heart! If you’re having a hard day, these baby sea turtle photos are almost guaranteed to make you feel better.

“Nothing quite makes me as happy as when I’m photographing turtle hatchlings,” Ross wrote in his caption. “It’s been incredible season and I’ve had some magical encounters.”

In this video, the photographer shared the sweetest pictures of the baby animals going about their daily sea turtle business. This involved a lot of swimming around and laying comfortably in the sand. It’s wild how tiny these creatures look in the middle of a great, big body of water!

Of course, Ross Long saved his most impressive shot for the very end of the Instagram Reel. In that photo, a baby sea turtle is pictured next to an adult. The difference in size is unbelieveable. In fact, the child’s head looks to be about the same size as the grown-up’s eyeball!

In the comments section, the photographer shared that these baby animals are actually really difficult to capture on camera. Apparently, they’re pretty speedy! However, it’s all worth it in the end because of how absolutely adorable they are.

A baby turtle crawling around on the ground.
Charlotte Rush on Unsplash

“Baby turtles are my favourite animals to photograph,” Ross Long wrote. “They’re also one of the hardest because they’re so teeny tiny and fast!”

Other users fell in love with these baby sea turtle images.

“Bucket list shots right here!” one person wrote. “Epic work man.”

Another added, “I just love this. The last one hits me in the feels.”

It’s amazing how photos have the ability to transport us. We really feel like we’ve spent a day as a baby sea turtle thanks to Ross Long’s wildlife pictures!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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