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16 Hilariously Terrible Wildlife Photos That Wouldn’t Make It Into National Geographic

All photographers know capturing the perfect shot takes plenty of practice, especially when it comes to wildlife. Animals don’t exactly stay still, and they don’t care about posing for the camera. As such, for every stunning picture out there, there are countless images destined for the garbage bin.

There is one exception though: Some of the pictures are so terrible that they’re actually hilarious. That’s why members of an online community called Crap Wildlife Photography get such a kick out of sharing them! Their motto? “Celebrating wildlife, one crappy photo at a time.” Get ready to giggle as you check out 16 unflattering shots of animals below.

1. Your guess is as good as ours.

funny wildlife photography

We’re not so sure this is an animal and not some sort of mythical flying monster.

2. We give this dive a 10 out of 10.

funny wildlife photography


3. Someone’s been dipping into the little guy’s food stash.

funny wildlife photography

He’s about to have words with someone.

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