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Dennis The “Dancing Frenchie” Has The Moves & He’s Becoming A Star!

Dancing Frenchie

An adorable black and white “Dancing Frenchie” named Dennis is becoming a social media star thanks to his quirky and perfectly timed moves.

The French Bulldog, also known as Dennis the Menace, has amassed more than 200k followers on his TikTok page in the short time it took his owners to figure out he likes to dance while playing with his toys.


A lil compilation of Dennis dancing with his new monkey 🙉🙈🙊 #dog #dogsofttiktok #frenchbulldog

♬ edamame – bbno$

Whenever Dennis brings his mom or dad a stuffed animal, he does a hilarious little jig. We assume he’s full of anticipation and excitement because it’s playtime. But his moves perfectly pair with so many songs. They pair so well that when his owners create videos they almost look choreographed.


Reply to @dabzthedog Well we don’t want to leave you hanging with no tippy taps! Happy Wednesday everyone, you’re half way there! #dog #dogsoftiktok #fyp #aboutdamntime @lizzo

♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo

The Dancing Frenchie Can “Tippy Tappy” With The Best Of Them

Fans of Dennis The “Dancing Frenchie” often ask his owners to have the four-legged star groove to specific songs. And they gladly oblige. It’s easy to get sucked into his page and watch dance videos all day long.

“I could watch this for hours,” a follower laughed on one of his catchy posts.

“Every night before bed I’m really just sitting here watching videos of Dennis,” his owner replied.

“His little dancing feet 🥰,” another follower gushed.

“Ha- perfect to the beat! Love it!” someone wrote under one of his dance posts.

“Awwww soooo adorable and cute and precious 🥰 dance baby,” shared an adoring fan.

Of course, dancing isn’t all that Dennis is known for. He also lives up to his menacing nickname. He also goes for long outdoorsman adventures where he stirs up trouble. And he also enjoys wreaking havoc on his home, snoozing for hours on end, and being a typical house hippo.

We’re happy we stumbled upon Dennis the Dancing Frenchie, and we’re even happier he’s getting the fame and respect he deserves.

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