Pet Owners Capture Hilarious Moment They Both Realize “That Is Not Our Cat!”

Pet owners realize that's "not our cat."

A couple was flabbergasted to find that the furry feline they were cuddling was “not our cat.” TikToker Brandon Robert shared a hilarious video in which he and his fiancé realized there was an imposter in their midst. Honestly, the strange cat probably would have gotten away with the masquerade if the couple’s real pet hadn’t appeared in the window. However, once Brandon’s partner noticed the kitty outside, it was over for the look-alike.

At first, the couple thought that the cat in the window was just similar to their pet, Rado. Soon, though, they realized they had the situation backwards. Rado was outside, and the cat in Brandon’s lap was a stranger! This hilarious encounter was captured on video.

“You can see the moment we realize THAT IS NOT OUR CAT,” the TikToker wrote.

In a later video, Brandon explained how the mishap occurred. Rado was doing his business outside when his dad went to bring him back in. However, the pet owner wasn’t wearing his glasses. He picked up the wrong feline by mistake, and that four-legged fraud was in the house for several hours before Brandon realized, “that is not our cat!”



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Commenters on the second video started referring to the two identical felines as “Rado and Fraudo.” How hilarious is that?

It’s a good thing that Brandon brought the real Rado back inside before the kitty could get too jealous. However, we’re sure that the infamous “not our cat” will live on in this couple’s memory!

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