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Clever Cat Caught On Camera Opening A Door Just Like Humans Do!

In an amazing show of dexterity, a cat opens a door without assistance.

Supposedly, the lack of opposable thumbs makes it impossible for cats to open a door with a standard, round doorknob. We found a cat who was snubbing its nose at that summation. The cat owner had trouble figuring out how the cat was escaping.

While troubleshooting the problem, they set up a phone to see what was mysteriously causing the door to open. The camera did more than that. It caught the little culprit red-pawed. It did not take long, either. Within a few seconds, the cat got into this position.

Cat on counter, walking toward a closed door.
Image from Reddit.

From there, the cat walked toward the door. It took only seconds for the following to unfold. A quick reach out. Yes, that’s it. Touch!

Reaching out slowly the cat touches the doorknob.
Image from Reddit.

Now for a little extra toe bean energy. A little application of physics. Twist.

Using both paws, the clever cat works to open the door.
Image from Reddit.

A quick flip of agile little kitty paws and PRESTO!

PRESTO! The cat opens the door to make his escape.
Image from Reddit.

Once the door was cracked, the cat quickly hopped off the counter and vanished into the wild unknown. This little fellow should be renamed Harry Houdini! You can almost hear him whispering, “I’m FREE! Free at last!” as he scoots outside to catch mice.

Leaping off the counter to freedom.
Image from Reddit.

Dressed To Party In His Tuxedo

At least he was dressed to party when the cat opened the door. We wonder where he might be headed in such a hurry.

Once the cat escaped, it was time for us to cruise the comments section. There, we found some comedy gold to top off the day.

Image from Reddit.

After that, I’m sure that we all feel a little more woefully inadequate in our cats’ eyes. They don’t need us. They tolerate and permit us to help them when they feel lazy. That explains so much. All that time we thought they were napping, the little rascals were probably plotting a world takeover!

If you enjoyed this little foray into the wonderful world of who needs humans, please share it. And in the meantime, you can watch the entire video on Reddit.

I couldn’t comprehend that this was how he was getting out, so I setup my phone and he did this right away
byu/foflexity incats

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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