Passerby Scoops Stuffed Octopus Off Train Tracks And Goes On Mission To Find Owner.

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A concerned citizen made a child’s dream come true when he rescued a lost stuffed octopus from a railway track and then embarked on a search to find the owner.


The person, who appropriately goes by YuyaBestBoy, began his search on Reddit. He posted a photo of the toy and wrote that he discovered him at his “local station.” Feeling sad for the owner, he “took it upon” himself to “rescue him, clean him, and reunite him with his owner.”

In an earlier post, the hero shared a bit of the backstory that told the tale of how he came upon he lost stuffed animal, and how he eventually reunited it with its kids.

He explained that he saw the octopus “cowering on the tracks” during his commute one day. He “reluctantly” boarded the train and went home. But that night he felt miserable thinking about the toy and who was out there missing it.

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He couldn’t shake the guilt of leaving it behind, so he went back to the station and asked someone if they could get it. The tracks are electric, so retrieving something from them can be dangerous. The person he spoke to said they’d try their best to get it, but the chances were slim. However, about five hours later, he got a call. “they’d saved him!”

The Stuffed Octopus Is Home With Its Kid!

The person went back and got the stuffed octopus. But after spending days in the elements, it was “in a very sorry state.” So he took special care to clean and disinfect it. He knew it was a “long shot,” but he hoped to locate the owner, so he posted photos of the toy online.


After noting where he found the octopus, he asked followers to spread the word and send him a DM if anyone knew who it belonged to.

Lo and behold, someone knew exactly who lost the stuffed octopus.

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YuyaBestBoy got a message shortly after posting the pictures. The person said their sister’s son dropped it at the station, and he was “crying his eyes out.” He was able to get the two in contact and the little boy was reunited with his friend.


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