Bartender Shares Surprisingly Heartwarming Message About People Who Don’t Drink Or Tip.

Bartender wearing sunglasses points to a glass as he pours water into it. Text on the image reads: To water drinkers that take up a bar seat, spend $0, tip $0…

Folks who drink alcohol aren’t the only ones who go to bars. If you’ve ever been one of the only people not partaking while hanging out with friends, you know how awkward it can feel. Not because of your friends, necessarily, but because you fear being judged by the bartender for only ordering water. If you’ve ever felt this way, a man who refers to himself as a sober bartender on social media is here for reassurance.


Sober Bartender has been alcohol-free for over four years now. This makes him all-the-more passionate about advocating for other folks who visit his bar that don’t drink, no matter their reasons.

Sober Bartender Reassures Sober Customers Visiting Bars

@soberbartender19 Its crazy how alcohol is still the one vice we need to explain why we DON’T use it. Extra shout out to those in Raleigh being served by someone who says otherwise. The hipocrisy I find in someone saying you’ll never find a hater doing better than you, yet continues to put people beneath them for millions to see is mind blowing. We all need to do better. We all mess up, and we can take accountability and move on or continue to be the problem. #bartender #bartending #restaurant #serverlife #fyp #fypシ #comedy #dobetter #water #winter #december #sober #sobriety #notmybusiness ♬ Fine people use this sound – THEE 𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓪𝓱𝓚.💫🫶🏽

In a particularly popular video of his, the Sober Bartender speaks to those who take up a bar seat with only a water, even those who don’t tip.

“Why you don’t drink is no ones business,” he says in the video. “Good to see you, have a good time, thank you for being here, and get home safely.”

According to this kind bartender, it’s common for folks who do this to get flack. But in the caption of this video, he reiterates why he’s so passionate about defending people who choose to not drink.

The Sober Bartender sits inside his home and talks to his camera.

“It’s crazy how alcohol is still the one vice we need to explain why we DON’T use it,” he says. “Extra shout out to those in Raleigh being served by someone who says otherwise.”

As much flack as folks may get at times for choosing to be sober, this decision is becoming more and more common. In fact, there’s a growing movement in the U.S. around being sober curious — this terms simply refers to those actively consuming less alcohol or are choosing to stop drinking it entirely.

Top-down view of four friends bringing their glasses in to toast.

Gen Z in particular seems to be leading the way, showing an increasing interest in non-alcoholic drinks like mocktails. Just last year, 34 percent of U.S. Americans expressed that they wanted to reduce their alcohol use.

Being sober isn’t always easy. That’s why it’s so great that folks like the Sober Bartender are not only vocal about their support but are encourage others to be the same way!

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