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Toddler With Down Syndrome Lights Up While Taking Her First Steps

toddler first steps

A sweet toddler with Down syndrome named Lucia took her very first unassisted steps recently. Her parents captured the moment on camera, and her pure joy is contagious.

The clip, which was posted to Lucia’s Instagram page on March 13th, shows the blonde-haired cutie in her living room with her dad and dog nearby for encouragement. Lucia stands in front of her dad, who holds his hands out to show he’ll catch her if she falls, and the moment she realizes she can take a step, her face lights up with the most precious smile.

Lucia takes a wobbly step and then takes another. She realizes she can keep going and takes a few more before the momentum becomes too much to handle, and she stumbles a bit. Her dad catches her, just as he promised, and lifts her in the air to praise her huge milestone.

“Beautiful from inside out! She’s amazing!” a follower cheered.

“Keep stepping pretty girl!” wrote another.

Toddler’s Mom Is Working To Spread Down Syndrome Awareness

The toddler took her first steps at 20 months, her mom wrote in the comments. He also shared that children with Down typically take their first steps between 13 and 24 months.

Lucia’s mom runs the Instagram page called Lucia.lalaland to help spread awareness about Down syndrome by showing moments of her life. Her mother uses her platform to offer support to others who are or who will be raising children with Down syndrome by sharing proof that the condition isn’t as “scary” as the world tells them it is.

“If you’ve just received a Down syndrome diagnosis for your baby, we understand where you are right now,” she wrote in a pinned post. “There are lots of unknowns, worries, and sadness. My goal is to spread the word that there’s so much love, light, and laughter in store for you. None of the negatives overshadow the amazing wonderful joys that are ahead.

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