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Parents Can’t Stop Giggling While Trying To Record Vlog For Family.

funny family vlog

Have you ever gotten a case of the giggles?

A pair of parents are going viral thanks to their hilarious attempt to make a family video blog, or vlog. They started off with such great intentions, planning to sit down every week to record a video for their family members near and far. Their hope was to stress the importance of familial bonds while strengthening them with a little face time. The only problem? They can’t stop laughing.


“Hello, family. Lisa and I have decided to do a blog,” the dad announces as he looks directly into the camera. The couple is seated at their kitchen counter, and they are poised to let their family know just how much they love them. Unfortunately, for some reason, Lisa can’t stop giggling every time she even glances at her husband! That seems to set him off, too, and soon the two of them are giggling like a couple of kids.


“We’re going to do a blog,” Dad tries again, but Lisa interjects, “Or a golb, spelled backwards,” which sets them both off again. They try their hardest to contain themselves, but it’s just no use. These two just think they’re hysterically funny, and frankly, we think they have a point.

“Why are you lookin’ over there?” the dad asks Lisa at one point, and he’s right. She’s not looking at the camera, she’s looking at the video display instead. If this isn’t indicative of every parental unit that ever used a video camera, we don’t know what is!


As they try to wrap it up, Lisa finally blurts out that she agrees with her husband. “You agree with what?” he asks. “We are blessed,” Lisa replies before bursting into a fresh wave of laughter.

All we know is that we want to get on their blog mailing list because these two are hilarious! We could all use a little more laughter in our lives, and there’s something about the way these two crack each other up that is truly heartwarming.

Take a look at their attempt at vlogging below, and don’t forget to share to make someone else giggle today.

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